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According to IMO requirements serious marine accidents must be investigated and reported by flag state authorities.
Investigations are executed by collect evidenses ans data for analysis, interview of accident witnesses. 
All probable reasons and findings of accident will be included in reccomendation to prevent re-occurrence.

MARPOL (Annex I) violations

The violations related to MARPOL (Annex I) are the most serious from the list of violations that lead to the vessel detention in the port. These violations cause fines worth millions and reputational losses for shipowners, as well as suspended licences, fines and imprisonment of crew members involved in the process of environmental pollution.

Despite significant improvements in environmental protection issues, the detention of ships after Port State Control inspections is not uncommon.

Deficiencies related to the technical condition of the oil filtering equipment and the filling of the Oil Record Book are usually located at the top of the list.

Fuel thefts

Fuel theft is one of many serious problems faced by shipowners and charterers. Schemes of theft are diverse - from the simplest to the most ingenious. Both parties -suppliers and crews- can be involved. Depending on this, a method for identifying hidden fuel is selected.

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